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Welcome to the Shrine of the Sacred Heart.

Located at Fort Hommet, Vazon in the Channel Island of Guernsey, discover the secret of a Second World War bunker transformed by Guernseyman Hubert Le Galloudec from a place of war into a place of peace and beauty using local seashells.

The Story

Opening Times - 2022

The Shrine will be open on the following dates in 2022 (weather permitting) from 2pm - 4pm, subject to COVID-19.

Look out for the "Shrine Open" signs on the main road.

We look forward to seeing you.

APRIL: Saturday 2nd, 16th and 30th
MAY: Saturday 7th and 28th
JUNE: Saturday 4th
JULY: Saturday 2nd
AUGUST: Saturday 6th and 27th
SEPTEMBER: Saturday 3rd
OCTOBER: Saturday 1st and 15th

More dates to follow

Celebrating 10 Years of Re-opening

This year we are celebrating 10 years of the re-opening of The Shrine of the Sacred Heart.
We have just added a beautiful heart to the centre of the cross on the floor after receiving a photo which we could copy.

The floor is still incomplete, as it is still unknown what is either side of the cross.
We would therefore be grateful if anyone has any other photos so that we can try to finish the restoration of Bert’s amazing Shrine.
If you do, please get in touch!

We Need Your Help!

If you have any old photographs of The Shrine from the 1960/70s, we would love to see them.
Our next project is to recreate what was on the floor, either side of the cross, with seashells. Until we find photographs of what was there, we will leave it alone.

We believe that there was an Irish Harp on the left hand side of the cross, to go with the St Patrick statue that is on the wall. However we have no idea what could be on the other side.

We believe that someone, somewhere, will have the information we need to complete the Shell Shrine.

Festung Guernsey

Festung Guernsey is a new initiative investigated by professional groups and individuals with an interest in World War II fortifications with support from the States of Guernsey Museum Services.

The aim is to make available to the public, visiting historic societies and academics examples of the most important fortifications built in Guernsey by the German occupying forces 1940 - 1945. Some of the locations have been subject to extensive restoration while others will be secured in their original condition as they were when stripped soon after the end of the war.

For more information on Festung Guernsey contact: steve.powell@cwgsy.net or pbourgaize@cwgsy.net
For bunkers tours and island walks, contact: andrewwalker@suremail.gg

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